Photo of Exhibition ”Conceptlessness" ©Bojan Muždeka, 2021.


Žolt Kovač

27.02.2021 - 27.03.2021.

In a modernity that eludes the logic of the historical organization of time (post-history) and which is characterized by the relativization of any determined meaning (post-truth), the painting of conceptlessness seems a logical paradox. There is no concept because there is no idea that needs to be abstracted. In other words, let's localize the humorous question from the beginning of the text: „What was the painter trying to say?“ – „Nothing, the painter wanted to paint.“


"Abstraction in the Age of Conceptlessness", Ana Ereš




prostor.godina iza nas
25.01.2021 - 20.02.2021.

Space. The Year Behind Us

Group exhibition

Gallery B2 marks the second anniversary with the exhibition “Space. The year behind us.” This exhibition includes works by six authors who exhibited during the previous year, and they are: Vesna Golubović, Veljko Vujačić, Sandra Malić, Stanko Crnobrnja, Saša Pančić and Rada Selaković. 
Catalogue → Photo of Exhibition ”Space. The Year Behind Us" ©Bojan Muždeka, 2020.
rada selakovic prostor strukture
16.11.2020 - 16.01.2021.


Rada Selaković

”I felt the urge to paint an erotic state without showing the body, without any packaging or any other context”
Catalogue → Photo of Exhibition ”Space-Structures" ©Bojan Muždeka, 2020.
pogled u nedogled sasa pancic
03.10.2020 - 07.11.2020.

Gaze Into Infinity

Saša Pančić

These (let's call them abstract) paintings clearly testify to the artist’s continuous artistic experiment, which strives to achieve progress, both in the spatial and conceptual sense. Pančić now leaves the blackness and density of the uterine world and goes to brighter, chromatically playful organic forms, paying homage to the painting of Tashism, which he skillfully incorporated into the unifying artistic experiment of his research on modernism in the 1960s and which is now enriched by personal psychic and meditative moods.
Catalogue → Photo of Exhibition ”Gaze Into Infinity" ©Vladan Cvetković, 2020.
back kruzi evropom
05.09.2020 - 26.09.2020.

Bugaboo over Europe

Sandra Malić i Stanko Crnobrnja

"Every colored field represents an impulse, a source of inspiration for this artistic couple. The power of that inspiration is the power of the colored field that seems to reduce any frame. Where color takes over the entire space and where color becomes space."
Catalogue → Photo of Exhibition ”Bugaboo over Europe" ©Bojan Muždeka, 2020.
veljko vujacic
20.06.2020 - 28.08.2020.


Veljko Vujačić

“...attitude to form and minimalist solutions of the color field present the harmony of a space in which the observer can seek freedom...”
Catalogue → Photo of Exhibition ”Untitled" ©Bojan Muždeka, 2020.
izlozba odaklei kuda vesne golubovic
07.03.2020 - 04.04.2020.

Where from and Where to

Vesna Golubović

”Paintings are often principal – like the art of monks – and every stroke of the brush is almost a breath, deep, sweetsounding and clear, since everything always points to the totality of some worldly connection. We feel the pulses of the universe, because everything is connected in the invisible. The soul, aware of its existence, has started a conversation with eternity and stars...”
Catalogue → Photo of Exhibition ”Where from and Where to" ©Bojan Muždeka, 2020.
boja i svetlost godina iza nas b2 izlozba
14.12.2019 - 29.02.2020.

Color and Light. The Year Behind Us

Group exhibition

Gallery B2 is inviting you to the opening of “Colour and Light. The Year Behind Us”, the last exhibition in 2019, on Saturday, 14th December at 19h. The exhibition will present the seven authors that exhibited during the first year. This will be an overall summary and the marking of the first year of existence on the Belgrade Art Scene.
Photo of Exhibition ”Colour and Light. The Year Behind Us" ©Vladan Cvetković, 2019.
02.11.2019 - 07.12.2019.

Linear Planes

Nevenka Stojsavljević

”…In order to place Nevenka’s work into the geometricized system of the New Abstraction – an additional explanation is necessary, the distinctiveness that is crucial for that kind of her kind of visuals.”
Catalogue → Photo of Exhibition ”Linear Planes" ©Vladan Cvetković, 2019.
07.09.2019 - 12.10.2019.

Cameo Burst

Milan Kralj

"…What is artistic expression? It is everything and it is nothing. For the artist, it is the be-all and end-all, but for the observer, it is just a “take it or leave it” option. It is up to the artist to make his creation the only possible option..."
Catalogue → Photo of Exhibition ”Untitled" ©Vladan Cvetković, 2019.
01.06.2019 - 31.08.2019.

A Piece of Art as an Expression and an Contemplation

Djordjije Crnčević

“An artist has no choice. There is some inner strength and need to create and however absurd it seems, it is not discouraging.”
Catalogue → Photo of Exhibition ”A Piece of Art as an Expression and an Contemplation" ©Vladan Cvetković, 2019.
20.04.2019 - 25.05.2019.

Behind the Sun

Miodrag Ristić

”…I don't know why I do what I do, but I have a need to concretely express my feelings about space and time, about the world I live in, because, to me, the painting says it all…”
Catalogue → Photo of Exhibition ”Behinde the Sun" ©Vladan Cvetković, 2019.
09.03.2019 - 13.04.2019.

Carved Stones - Concrete Blocks

Bojan Bem

"…For me, everything lies in an efflux, in a sense that I fly over that scene of mine and in layers, I fill it in with light…"
Catalogue → Photo of Exhibition ”Carved Stones-Concrete Blocks" ©Vladan Cvetković, 2019.
25.01.2019 - 02.03.2019.

Always Some Other Signs

Kristina RIstić

"…In her latest cycle titled “Always Some Others Signs”, in her recognizable style, based on a correlation of drawings of an energetic gesture and dynamic coloristic tensions, dominant geometric forms conceived as a potential signs/ bearers of the author’s experiences of living an everyday life."
Catalogue → Photo of Exhibition ”Always the Same Signs" ©Vladan Cvetković, 2019.
15.12.2018 - 19.01.2019.

Belgrade Labyrinths

Zoran Grebenarović

"...In accordance with, and in summation of, the knowledge and sensibility, a harmony is created, as well as the need for that exalted responsibility of being itself, along with the sheer coincidence, spawns in an urge that materialized spirituality – art..."
Catalogue → Photo of Exhibition ”Belgrade Labyrinths" ©Vladan Cvetković, 2018.
03.11.2018 - 08.12.2018.


Rade Kundačina

“Early in my life, I was introduced to the magical secret of love and friendship, keeping within me all the words said aloud that were filled with faith and oppressing beauty.”
Catalogue → Photo of Exhibition ”Journals" ©Vladan Cvetković, 2018.